I dedicate this blog to Asian Pussy Destroyer

Have you ever dated someone and asked yourself where you should draw the line? Have you ever been in a relationship and there have been problems that have made you question your whole relationship? When do you know when it is time to walk away and for how long you should keep holding on?

Some people hold on too long while others let go at the first sight of a problem. The more I write about my story, the more I understand how everyone is different. There are countless things that people do that I don’t necessarily agree with, yet I understand the power of circumstance. The reality of the situation is, life happens regardless if you agree with the situation you are put in or not.

If you are unable to have an open mind and view things in a whole new perspective, this story is probably not for you.

Just because you cannot comprehend something, it does not mean that it is wrong. If anything goes against what you believe in, no one is forcing you to read! I am sharing my experience to give hope to those of us who no longer have any. The ones who are expecting to be forever alone. The ones who do not believe they deserve to be loved. The ones who have so much baggage they do not know where who to turn to anymore.Anything is possible.

There are numerous reasons why someone considers themselves difficult to love.

Living with someone who has a difficulty with emotions is a full-time job. Understanding why this person, or any person, is the way they are is very challenging. When there are underlying issues, sometimes we really need to consider what we are getting ourselves into. When should we let go? How long should we keep subjecting ourselves to emotional pain? Are we more comprehensive when the person we love has a condition that makes emotions difficult?

Would dating be different if we knew everything that truly mattered about the person from the first moment we met? Why are we ashamed?

I only skimmed the surface, but for those of you struggling with someone diagnosed with a mental disease or a personality disorder, this may help.

I married a very complex being. He falls into the categories mentioned.

“My husband is cold”

“My boyfriend is emotionless”

“My husband doesn’t care”


“My boyfriend is depressed”

If you are trying to Google something along those lines, this may be worth your time. You might be able to see something you can’t see for yourself at this very moment. A whole new perspective on your partner and your relationship.

This blog may also interest you if you are merely curious as to what another world may be. We are all alike, in a way. We have a pretty facade, and keep deep complex secrets. Some are more readily to admit them than others.

I will try and update as much as possible!

Please leave comments or feedback. I am unable to know if you enjoy my work or not.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anon

    I am the first commentor who left an angry comment at the cheek of this blog, I may point out that I was mostly pissed at the spamming of this link of support forums such as /r/confessions, a place where people go to confess such things as ‘my father/grandfather raped me as a child and i’m unsure how to deal with it’. The face you saw it was appropriate to link a piece of fiction there, romanticizing something a lot of those people had to deal with was my main anguish.

    Feel free to delete this I just returned here and wanted to clarify myself.


    1. The Cold Hearted Man

      Thank you for your clarification. I am happy to hear people are sharing my writing, sort of my “confessions” of life, I do apologize if they are spamming.


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